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Offer your clients a solution to eliminate paper, accelerate posting and enhance security with our proprietary processing platform that dynamically routes payments to a vast and ever-growing electronic network. A digital payment is the transfer of money or digital currency from one account to another using digital payment technologies, such as mobile wallets or mobile payment apps. Forex Broker Turnkey from Soft-FX is a white-label software solution that includes pre-installed connectors to popular payment systems. With the software delivery package, we can also provide consulting on setting up a payment infrastructure customized for your business. WePay prides itself on its top-notch customer service and fraud protection. Merchants, however, like the fact that customers can make their purchases without having to leave their site, thanks to a virtual terminal.

payment solution brokers

Using Square’s innovative products, you can turn any mobile device into a payment processor. Alternative payments give a Forex brokerage the ability to meet a varied range of customer demands and needs by accepting various methods of payment, such as cash, e-wallets, mobile payment methods, payment solution brokers etc. If you are planning to start a forex brokerage or any other forex related business, you will find the technology and solution providers here. While doing fx brokerage business research you must have made some estimations of a number of clients and expected volumes of deposits.


For any new broker, the initial hurdle is often dealing with the potentially complex legal requirements. A new brokerage must be incorporated and licensed with a corporate bank account. There are also many regulatory requirements governing the business on an ongoing basis, these requirements necessitate a properly configured platform to access liquidity providers and receive fast and accurate feeds.

payment solution brokers

Advanced Markets Group has put together a list of most common payment solutions available for offshore FX brokers to shed some light on what can be expected. Denim is the all-in-one financial platform for modern freight brokers. Hundreds of companies trust Denim to manage their working capital, carrier payments, and back office processes. International trading platform Forex merchant accounts require processing history showing a minimum of $250K per month to qualify for an account. When we test payment gateways we’re always on the lookout for a system that will make life easier for a business.

If you have something to sell or offer online NW Payment Brokers has you covered with integrations and all the top shopping cart and E commerce platforms. Businesses can use it as a payment method, as well as everyday consumers. What’s more, your card details are never shared with anyone, so you’re making payments with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac in a private and secure way.

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As hard as it is to admit, any developed FX brokerage business will sooner or later face the scam threat. Here you will also benefit from knowing your target audience, which we will talk about as we conclude this publication. There’s no denying that when it comes to accepting and receiving payments, PayPal is the reigning champion. In fact, it’s the de facto online payment solution for online customers, freelancers, and business owners.

  • If your business plans to process higher volumes of sales then you’ll obviously want to plump for one of the more advanced packages, even though these invariably come with a higher price tag.
  • Unregulated offshore FX brokers from St. Vincent, Marshall Islands, Hong Kong and etc. face limitations in the ways they can process incoming and outgoing payments deposits and withdrawals.
  • Our clients come from a variety of industries, ranging from major industrial, tech, medical, hospitality, insurance, and utility businesses in North America, to smaller startups and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Another familiar name in e-commerce and retail POS solutions, Square offers a wide variety of payment processing products.
  • We are rooted in adding good value and integrity through our dedication to customize and find all businesses and organizations the best and most cost efficient merchant solution.

Our custom solution has streamlined the transaction process, enabling him to allocate more resources on business development. Richard is a forex broker based in the UK who has recently developed his business in China. Stripe allows you to craft payment flows that accept all major credit and debit cards on both desktop and mobile platforms. Another add-on, BitPay bitcoin gateway, will allow you to accept bitcoin payments from customers anywhere on earth. It charges a 1% transaction fee and gives you unlimited transactions per month. PaySimple accepts credit cards and e-check payments made on an iPhone or iPad device.

Denim Unveils New Carrier Payment Solution for Freight Brokers

Therefore, any package should suit the type and size of business its targeting. This means that some of the payment gateway options shown above are better suited to smaller, low volumes sales-type outlets. At the same time, keep an eye on those terms and conditions, as outlined in our introduction. Fees can vary wildly from one payment gateway to another, so be sure to factor this in to your costings.

In this case, look for merchant account services targeted at high-risk merchants. They usually charge higher fees than the providers in this list, but they make it possible for high-risk merchants to continue to do business. Traditional insurance policy distribution via broker channels relies on bespoke integrations and processes. Local brokers collect the premiums from customers and pass them on to the insurer in a bulk payment, deducting claims payments and brokerage fees. Each broker has a unique checkout payment process offering their set of payment options, which may not always meet customer needs.

Forex merchant account – We offer assistance with locating the best Forex merchant account solutions available, using a worldwide network of registered, regulated banks and payment processors. Online Forex companies require a payment gateway for forex on their site to which they can receive electronic payments via credit card, bank transfers etc. One can expect 5-12% transaction charges for a forex merchant account and payment gateway. It’s also something of an end-to-end solution as it manages not only your billing schedules, but also rotations and invoicing, tax management, and payment processing. This combination is intended as a flexible solution that you can tweak to bill yearly, monthly, or for any period — even days. Subscription providers will appreciate the auto-calculating prorations for upgrades and downgrades, and the platform’s customizable rule set for handling cancellations.

Payment by Cash

Owned by an Australian company, SecurePay offers a straightforward but efficient way to pay online. It’s actually a complete online payment solution for eCommerce vendors, providing a number of useful tools such as Fraud Guard, Secure IVR, SecureBill, Secure Frame, and a whole lot more. Bitcoin offers a revolutionary way to make or receive a payment online. Here, all your payments are made, received, and stored until you’re ready to spend again.

payment solution brokers

For over 15 years, 2Checkout has provided mobile and desktop-based payment services in 196 countries. With this PCI-compliant platform, you can process credit cards, debit cards, and even PayPal payments. Forex brokerages offer customers a variety of payment methods beyond credit cards in order to fund their accounts. Our extensive knowledge and expertise can help Forex brokers establish multiple payment methods. A secure payment service provider provides an online business with the technical support of accepting a variety of currencies from different jurisdictions in multiple payment methods.


PSP providers make payments convenient for both the user and the receiver. That means very few, if any, small businesses can afford not to plan for these new trends. As more and more customers are preferring online payment gateway for everyday expenses, customer experience is slowly shifting towards making the processing invisible. This means that transactions are blended with the checkout, and users don’t have to repeatedly enter their payment information. Examples of seamless, invisible payments include e-wallets, in-app credits/rewards, or device authorizations. Make sure the gateway is level 1 compliant with PCI DSS and offers security features such as tokenization.

Forex Payment Service Provider (PSP)

This type offers a platform to e-commerce merchants to sell goods directly from their servers. Merchants need to create subscriptions or products in the provided platform, and users are redirected via the checkout button to this platform. This gateway allows customers to enter their information directly on the merchant’s checkout page and processes payments using their APIs or HTTPS queries.

Payment Solution Brokers Overview

We own strong relationships to nationwide processors, debit networks, and ATM manufacturers, allowing you to best meet your business needs in markets across the country. Pathward can support your money movement needs with ACH, wire, and push to debit. We’ll work with you to craft the speed, form, and cost that’s right for your solution. We’ve learned a lot on our way to becoming one of the world’s largest customs brokers.

Payment Brokers helps negotiate and implement those recommendations without making any changes to your existing service providers. With all the unique businesses out there that focus on offering an authentic experience and good genuine service. Whether Gym memberships, Loyalty Programs, Pay at the table, quick serve, or food trucks. Even organizing separate contractor or provider payments and comissions for services. Like other payment gateways, Google Pay allows you to quickly link your credit card or debit card to use when buying something from your mobile device. You’re also able to track your purchase history and keep your payment information securely and conveniently.

In addition to all these, they should allow you to upload bulk processing files for rapid processing. Ancillary Services & Solutions like forex trading education, software, technology and other solution providers. is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. If you’re looking to offer subscription-based services, Chargebee may be exactly what you need.

To help you decide, we’ve listed our favorite 25 of our favorite payment processing companies that impressed us in terms of performance, security, PCI compliance, and distinguishing features. GBO is an official Dubai company formation agent that can assist with all aspects of starting and running an online business, including company formation, bank account opening, and tax compliance. Dubai is a great destination for investors and businesses looking to establish new companies,… The forex industry is a dynamic industry, with traders opening and closing positions every second. This translates into profit and loss and funds moving around at lightning speeds. The entry of new brokers into the industry and new traders seeking revenue and the opportunity that comes with trading leveraged instruments.

A developer’s approach to payment innovation

Credit card processing is a fast and secure way of accepting payments in various currencies and is one of the most common and easy methods of payment. The credit card payment method can be integrated with an online shopping cart, enabling you to accept payments from traders online. Certain PSPs provide additional services for payment methods, such as cash payments, e-wallets like PayPal, prepaid cards or vouchers and e-check processing.

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