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Will Adrien And Marinette End Up Together? Will Cat Noir And Ladybug Reveal Themselves?

Adrien was approached by his father in “Transmission”, when was saddened about being rejected by the girl he loved and given an alias ring. Unaware that his father used it as an opportunity to akumatize him and yet being filled with hope caused him to choose a different target. As his relationship with Marinette blossomed Adrien was aware that his father didn’t approve of it trying to drive them apart as well as have his son get back with Kagami.


In “Hawk Moth’s Last Stand”, Marinette was devastated that Adrien was leaving for a several month trip around the world for his father’s company but knowing he wasn’t happy and felt like the only one who saw it due to her love for him. Meeting him at school, she learned the truth however under the effects of Risk, Marinette was shocked to hear him vent his true feelings about modelling and that he didn’t want to leave everything and everyone. So she suggested that Adrien speak his mind to his father but seeing him lack in confidence and spoke about something holding him back.

If or when he does it unlike his father he takes responsibility for it in “Santa Claws”, “Weredad” and “Miraculous New York”. More than ever in “Strikeback”, when he truly sees the damage of desperately giving into one’s personal desires. And when voicing his frustration to Plagg about his discovery in “Rocketear”, his kwami told him not to take it too hard because as the guardian it was Ladybug’s job to know who her chosen were. As well as comforting him believing he’ll know Ladybug’s identity when the time is right.

He showed concern for Marinette when she was held hostage by Shadow Moth in “Sentibubbler”. Arriving at Alya’s house, he was warned by her that Rena was already there with a plan. Curious he asked her how she knew replying she had the best seat in the house. Once the titular sentimonster leaves he gets Marinette’s approval to stall him telling Marinette to sit tight and she’ll be free soon.

What Happened At The End Of Miraculous Ladybug Season 4?

However it’s likely deep down she felt sad for him too as her own archenemy gave up on her before she was given the chance to try and find a better way help him. During “Battle of the Miraculous” despite trying to save Master Fu and her friends, she is still affected by his taunting. During “Animan”, she compliments Cat Noir by scratching his chin for thinking ahead. In “Antibug” and “Gigantitan”, complimenting his cleverness in dealing with the titular villain. Sometimes after patrols, she enjoys hanging out and taking photos with him, seen in Alya’s Instagram photos. Despite their teasing relationship, they are a great team; having a lot of faith and trust in the other, greatly support the other, are willing to risk their lives for their partner, and assure each other when doubtful.

Heard her admit said feelings for them both as well as that she was happy for them but sad for herself. After the fight against Heart Hunter in “Battle of the Miraculous”, Cat Noir was unaware of her betrayal and siding with Hawk Moth until “Miracle Queen”, hearing that Chloé was angry about the heroes giving up on recruiting her as an ally. Like Ladybug, he, too, was hurt by Chloé’s betrayal, accepting that the damage she caused can’t be undone. After Chloé was deakumatized as Cat Noir, he voiced concern about her being akumatized again in “Queen Banana”.

She enjoys hanging out with her on several occasions, like in “Gorizilla” and “Captain Hardrock”. In “Crocoduel”, she asks for Juleka’s help in avoiding Luka and let him not be there at her birthday, relieved that Juleka can help her with that. However, when she sees Luka in the boat, Marinette asks Juleka why he is here, finding that she can’t tell her brother, and hugs her to apologize. Thinking that Jagged loves Luka more than Juleka, she decides to help her by advicing Juleka to talk to him. She is surprised that Juleka reveals she knows about her crush on Adrien in “Gigantitan”, but is thankful for Juleka’s support and encouragement.

Whenever we feel dejected, we tend to change our perception, Which might affect our personality, and we can even end up in the wrong direction in life. But in the end, what we want is belongingness—someone who will understand us & care about us, as shown in Miraculous Ladybug. So if you want to watch something meaningful, “Miraculous Ladybug” is the PolishHearts chatting best option. Akumas that we know in this series as villains are the normal characters we come across while watching the episodes that turn into Akumas because of their heavy feelings be it anger, rejection, or disappointment. Adrien Agreste, her crush, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng, an ordinary shy, awkward high school girl, are given magical abilities.

Back in The Gorilla, when he chucked Adrien out the roof, he was seen to at least be slightly anxious, severely hoping that his son would transform into Chat Noir But here? He learns that his son really is Chat Noir, but not only does he use it for his own advantage, he acts like a cold-blooded villain to his first-born child. In the latest episode for Chat Blanc, we saw one version for what would happen if Adrien found out first. Thomas Astruc has confirmed that Marinette and Adrien will end up together by the end of the show, so well have to rely on that. Here are two CONFIRMED sources showing that Adrien and Marinette WILL end up together and are end game.

Marinette’s secret rise to stardom is mainly due to the events of the episode “Pixelator.” In this episode, Marinette ends up befriending the world-famous rock star Jagged Stone. In a later episode, Jagged asks Marinette to design the cover to one of his albums, which ends up becoming a chart-topping bestseller. If that’s not enough, Marinette’s best friend is a popular blogger, she babysits the child of a famous newscaster, and she’s even the granddaughter of the world’s most famous chef. Contributing even more to the feeling that not that many people live in Paris is the show’s remarkably consistent cast of minor recurring characters.

She sees that Chloé is still spiteful from their previous encounter, even more so that the heroine had picked a new Bee Miraculous holder. Nonetheless, Ladybug calmly tells Chloé that her anger must be controlled offering her the magical charm as a way to do it. But when Chloé refused, Ladybug was concerned, despite her attitude and actions she didn’t deserve to used by Hawk Moth like everyone else. With her mother, Marinette admires her for being her opposite in “Qilin”, being cool, calm and well organized. Realizing she was late for Mother’s Day, she to pick up a gift for her on their day out, but she accidentally took the bus tickets that to a misunderstanding and her mother’s akumatized. Discovering that it was partially her fault that her mother was akumatized as Ladybug, Marinette was determined to save her.

Because of their free hour, Adrien helps Marinette with a photoshoot for her website in “Reflekdoll” until the titular villain attacks. Catching up with her, he told her to hide in the car but sees her get struck by Reflekta. During “Desperada”, Adrien was surprised when she nominated him to be Jagged’s new guitarist.