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Tinder Swindler Banned From Dating Apps After Netflix Documentary

They take a simple but effective approach to executing business. Gracie goes through a book store and invites total strangers over to the house to watch George and Gracie’s first TV show of the new season. George does a monologue about being nervous on opening night and critics not always being right. George invited two newspapermen, Jack Hellman from Variety and Leo Guild from The Hollywood Reporter. Harry Morton is upset with Blanche because she forgot to get his ledger paper. Harry von Zell tells Gracie that it probably wasn’t a good idea to invite those people over and she should call them and tell them not to come.

Known worldwide as Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev is an Israeli conman. He was born Shimon Yehuda Hayut in Israel but moved to the USA at the age of 15 where he began his criminal career. He was involved in various minor crimes and frauds throughout his early life.

Gracie comes up with another plan to get George to let Ronnie go. But the third time’s the charm and Ronnie gets to go to Big Bear. George hopes that Jack Stanley , a producer, can help Ronnie land a deal with Verve Records.

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When he finds out Gracie is back to normal, he abandons his plan for a Tutoring service. Gracie returns to the quiz show and the Quizmaster realizes she is the old Gracie. Wanting to sell the sponsor’s product, the Quizmaster gives Gracie an incredibly easy question, which she answers incorrectly. He falls asleep and accidentally gets locked in for the night. Gracie calls the police to report him missing and there is some confusion during Gracie’s description of George. While on the phone with the police, George comes home.

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Ronnie tells Harry von Zell, who tells Harry Morton, who tells Blanche, who tells Gracie. The situation is clarified when Gracie and Blanche confront George and Irene. Ronnie meets Harry von Zell’s latest girlfriend, opportunistic Sabrina Doyle , who’s hoping he can get her on the show. Gracie and Blanche are incensed that von Zell is cheating on his California girlfriend Alice. They tell Sabrina that von Zell used to date Sophie Tucker, and Gracie sends a message to Alice in California. When Harry can’t get her a part on the show, Sabrina dumps Harry for Ronnie, because George will do anything to make him happy.

The whole gang celebrates Christmas with George in his cell. Gracie attempts to ship George’s new gray suit to Roger, but when George gets wind of it, he intercepts the package at the post office. In an attempt to cover up what she did, Gracie claims the suit and three of her dresses were stolen. Blanche, knowing Gracie’s plot, tells Harry about the burglary. Harry Morton calls Sgt. Webber of the police and requests an extra patrol to prevent any robberies at his house. Harry von Zell and Ronnie play along with Gracie’s story, but George is on to them.

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He officially changed his name to Simon after he fled to Europe the second time. There he claimed to be the son of the popular Russian-Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, who is known as the “King of Diamonds” for his company LLD Diamonds. He wooed women towards himself by showing off his life living as the sole heir of the diamond empire of the Leviev family. Netflix’s recent release is also a story about a dating app scammer who conned several women. If you have not watched the true-crime thriller already, let’s tell you more about the Tinder Swindler. “Some feel that they’re really embarrassed that their family will find out and some that we’ve talked to still believe that they exist and they’re gonna come out of the woodwork again,” Bernas said.

But, because he’s not 21, he needs his father’s credit for the balance. Mr. Strickland , credit man from the boat store, calls George and George says he’d be happy to sign the agreement. Thinking George will be against it, Gracie enlists her friends to think of a plan to convince him that the boat is a wise investment. Meanwhile, Frank MacDougal from the BBC comes to town to renew the contract for the show. He calls George and says he’ll be coming by for a signature.

But it’s a common risk that’s reported by people who use any kind of online means for meeting people. So, if you’re just online — even if you’re not trying to find a dating partner or you don’t use it that much — the risk is high. Ronnie has received his first royalty check for his record.

Ronnie is to bring Mr. Channing , the head of the Dramatic School, over to meet Gracie and George. Ronnie is concerned that George makes a good impression. Meanwhile, Lola the waitress is down in the dumps because her boyfriend Al the cab driver hasn’t proposed marriage after 6 years together. Gracie tells Lola that she needs to make herself more attractive to other men. And while she is out doing that, Gracie will fill in for her waitress job.

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George misses a call from Jeffery Blake of the BBC. Jeffery is actually in California, but George thinks he’s still in England. George believes the call is about renewing their show in England.

Talk to friends or family about your new love interest and pay attention if they’re concerned. Someone who isn’t emotionally involved may be better positioned to spot red flags. Netflix has picked up global rights to the documentary “Tinder Swindler,” about a notorious con man who lured women using the popular dating app and tricked them out of millions of dollars. “Everyone out searching for love and romance, even when it’s genuine, is going to run the risk at some point,” Holmes says.

A lot of the women in The Tinder Swindler doc shared how they were whisked away by Simon with private jets and luxury hotels at the beginning dating stage, which all seemed too good to be true. Nine times out of 10, if it feels too good to be true, it probably is. Always trust your instincts as they will never steer you wrong. He was convicted of fraud, theft, and forgery and he served five months out of the 15 he was sentenced to in an Israeli prison in 2019. Since the documentary has come out Simon has denied the allegations on his YouTube page with his new girlfriend by his side.