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Over the past decade, the explosion of streaming television and an astronomical increase in queer visibility have made it hard to find a TV show without queer characters, creators, or themes. Every month is a great month to watch LGBTQ movies and read LGBTQ books. For this year’s Pride Month, we compiled a list of the most important LGBTQ shows created for television. There’s never been a better selection of LGBTQ shows than there is today.

Things the New ‘L Word: New York’ Series Needs to Have To Win Us Over

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Prior to SELF, Lindsey wrote about fashion and entertainment for NYLON and Mashable. Remember that time people chained themselves together to find love? For a few years now, MTV’s Ex on the Beach has been featuring LGBTQ+ contestants on every single season. For instance, season five included Arisce Wanzer , David Barta , Emily Salch , Joelle Brian , Jonathan Troncoso , Kyra Green , and Mike Mulderrig . An island that serves as host to a sexual fiesta was the basic premise of this show, which encouraged couples to venture out and put their love to the test. Lytes and Ray actually found themselves feuding for a very long time.

Murray Bartlett’s 8 Best Gay Roles in TV Shows & Movies

The almost aggressively low stakes are also the show’s one major weakness. Dating Around’s main tension is, essentially, “Which of these five people might get a second date? ” but the premise also means we’ll never see any of these people again, or get to know where any of this went after the fact.

The plot is a thought-provoking exploration of transness—not transgenderism but transhumanism. Somehow the overtly bleak look to the future is affirming to our present. In her experience, Amanda says, “It’s not worth taking the chance” of calling men out in situations like Sarah’s. But we really need to talk about what happens in episode five. We’re introduced to Sarah, a recent New York City transplant who agrees to five blind dates.

Set in a high school in Ohio, the musical dramedy is part camp, part satire, and part fodder for sing-along-worthy soundtracks. The relationships between Santana and Brittany and Kurt and Blaine are a mess—but a wonderful mess that makes this classic lesbian and gay TV show worth a watch. This show follows a group of Indigenous teens willing to do whatever it takes to leave a reservation in Oklahoma for the allure of California. This adaptation of the famed Sally Rooney novel follows Frances and Bobbi’s sudden friendship and eventual affair with a straight married couple. The translation from book to silver screen gives the show space to delve into the queer dimensions of the complicated relationships. A spin-off of the 2018 film Love, Simon, this gay TV show follows a family uprooted from Texas to attend high school in Atlanta.

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Two seasons of A Shot at Love just weren’t enough, so MTV decided to turn up the heat by replacing Tila Tequila with—you guessed it—twins. The show still featured a pool of male and female contestants, and the alternative twins would decide who to eliminate each week. At the end, one lucky contestant won over both twins and got to pick between the two—which was kind of weird and horrible, but also wonderful reality TV fodder.

This meant that two thirds of the entire cast consisted of LGBTQ+ love interests vying for either the gay lead or the lesbian lead. Unfortunately, HBO Max has completely deleted this TV show from its catalog. Netflix’s first original dating series follows one person per episode as they go on five blind dates and then choose one person to reconnect with a second time.

The 2016 Logo series, which unfortunately only had one season, was the gay version of The Bachelor. Interior designer Robert Sepúlveda Jr., the “Prince Charming” figure, had to eliminate one suitor per episode until only one man was left standing. Hairstylist Eric Leonardos won although he and Sepúlveda didn’t pursue a relationship outside the house for long. By contrast, the Bachelor franchise has stuck to heterosexual relationships since it premiered in 2002. Before longtime host Chris Harrison left Bachelor Nation in 2021, he made comments about why there would probably never be a gay bachelor. The show has featured different LGBTQ+ couples in its episodes, showcasing how beautiful these relationships can be, and it’s not surprising as Netflix tends to have diverse programming.

On A Shot At Love, a total of 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women vied for Tequila’s love. In subsequent years, Tequila went on to become a very problematic person and also denied ever being attracted to women in any way, claiming that she only did and said such things for the sake of A Shot At Love. For the first time in reality TV history, the eighth season of MTV’s Are You the One? During that season, all contestants identified as pansexual, and the inclusion of a trans cast member was also extremely praised by viewers. There were all sorts of AYTO pairings as season eight came to an end, including MLW, MLM, and WLW. As of 2023, casting calls have been sent out from Real Housewives producers who are reportedly currently working on an all-LGBTQ+ dating show.

You have to make it past episode one, though, which features your standard 27-year-old bro having dinner and drinks with five different women. It’s cringe-y and awkward—which may be the point—but things really pick up in episode two. That’s when we meet an Indian woman who shuts down her ignorant white male date. It’s a tense, necessary exchange that will hit home for anyone who’s experienced culture clash.

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When not binge-watching the latest series on Netflix, she is busy singing along to her favorite artists/showtunes, consuming too many coffees a day and dreaming about penning her next big story. Before the second season drops on Friday, you might be wondering what happened to those featured on the first season, which took place in New York. Are they still together or did they go their separate ways for the best?

To work around the current UK rules of lockdown, casting and filming has been done completely online with a production team all working from home to adhere to social distancing rules. To create the show, the contestants recorded their dates using their own phones or computers and then sent their footage to the production team. The raw nature of this adds an authentic feel to the show which captures the current situation for would-be daters during lockdown whilst the personalities of the contestant’s shine through. A person’s room can tell you a lot about your compatibility—or at least, that’s what MTV thought when they launched Room Raiders. Instead of dating the old fashioned way, one single would invade the rooms of three potential suitors and choose who to go out with based on that. No images, no names, no information—just a quick room inspection.