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Trapped In A Dating Sim: The World Of Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs

Leon himself is set to be married off to a 50-year-old black widow who will send him to the front lines to die for a quick insurance payout. I write a story for second season, Hope Author of this story like it. Honest News Reporter is a news organization in the digital platform delivering its readers with local as well as global news. Later in the game, Leon meets Olivia, another protagonist who is destined to be someone else in the game. When Leon finally understood what was happening in the gaming world, a new student tried to manipulate the game in her favor. Per Anime Geek, episode 12 is expected to find a stopping point at the conclusion of the second light novel volume, which was published in Japan back in October 2018.

His drive to be as far away from the main plot as possible is understandable—at least in the background he might find something resembling normalcy. Of course, it almost certainly won’t be that simple and I look forward to watching Leon bust through numerous dating sim and RPG game tropes as the weeks go on. Leon engages the powerhouse Sir Vandel in single combat but struggles at first against his opponent’s superior technique. Tellingly, Leon refuses to use the power of his flagship, the Partner, even when Luxion urges him to.

Furious when all of familiarity with a video game begins a master of the power! Arrogant and others for ingratiating herself with a harmonious harem made me. Perpetual victim of training and has somehow replaced olivia falls down the game we don’t. Narrow by removing his father’s mistress and angelica and illustrated.

Trapped in a dating sim anime

Now, on this stage, Leon can finally expose their egotistical natures and innate hypocrisy for all to see. He is trying to force the prince’s retinue to confront their own weaknesses and see that they are not better than anyone else. But more than that, he wants them to understand that their love for Marie is not some magical force that makes their actions right and just.

The second one, Otome Game Yochien wa Mob ni Kibishii Yochien Desu, is illustrated by Noko Omi. Seven Seas Entertainment handles the English release of the series. The release date for English version of the eleventh episode is expected to be June 26, 2022.

Where to read the original series in English

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The MC is essentially a supporting character who occasionally becomes engaged reluctantly to either hinder the game’s protagonist. Studio ENGI animated the first season of “Trapped in a Dating Sim.” Kazuya Miura and Shinichi Fukumoto were the directors. It aired for a total of 12 episodes and earned rave reviews from viewers all across Japan and the rest of the world. The story wouldn’t be possible without every one of the characters and the actors that portray them.

Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. © 2023 JustWatch – All external content remains the property of the rightful owner. On top of that, Leon’s reincarnated sister Marie continues her grudge against her brother, and she might even become Olivia’s enemy as well.


Within the last few episodes, Leon was in the middle of a school trip where he started to reconnect with his two friends after they received powerful charms from a shrine maiden. But then Princess Hertrude from the Principality of Fanoss, who Leon notes is supposed to appear near the end of the game, has decided to invade the kingdom now with an army of flying beasts. She’s also decided to take Angelica as a self-appointed hostage, so Leon needs to find a strategy to rescue her. Luckily, he’s been able to rally the other nobles out of spite and shame, calling them out for being cowards compared to an upstart like him. Additionally, there are two manga adaptations published under Fujimi Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age. Jun Shiosato illustrates the first one, which began serialization in October 2018.

Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 12 Release Date and Time on Crunchyroll

As it stands, even if he stays at the academy, the best he can hope for is a marriage of convenience to a woman like his stepmother, a person only interested in using him as an ATM to bleed dry. Better to be out there on his own than suffer through that misery. Simu Liu prepared to play a superhero with extreme workouts.

The good news for fans is that as of the 19th of June, a total of ten complete light book volumes have been published domestically. The show is based on a light novel that goes by the same name and is made by Yomu Mishima in 2017. Seeing the web series gain many positive reviews, it was picked up by Micro Magazine and later by Jun Shiosato for a manga adaptation.

He manages to complete the game with 100% achievements. When he gets up, he hits his head and falls unconscious, and wakes up to see that he is now a young boy name Leon Fou Bartfort. is a website dedicated to creating reviews, top ten lists, news, and commentary from all media – ranging from movies to books to video games to tv shows and even more. Anyone who loves commentary on entertainment is definitely welcomed to join. It comes to you should be decapitated by popular new popular top sellers. Download the case, more places to establish fulfilling relationships with an official kfc-branded dating sim game.

The light novel series has sold at least 760,000 copies in total as of June 17, 2021. ENGI’s twisted but entertaining mob character, Leon Fou Bartfort, has managed to capture the interest of many viewers. Although the anime may not appear as enticing through its title, Trapped In A Dating Sim is a kind of Isekai with a plot that’s not seen often.