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The Ultimate List Of Online Dating Profile Quotes

(The entire tagline is visible when your prospect opens your photo and full profile.), for example, uses this system to create a tagline from your essay. The first purpose of a tagline is to quickly say something about yourself that invites a person to look further. The second purpose is to create some point of further discussion — an icebreaker that provides a prospect with an easy topic to start a conversation. In the world of marketing , the goal is to reach the right customer, not every customer. This goal is called strategic positioning, the process of defining who you are in a way that your customers understand whether they’re a good match for you. Likewise, in the world of online dating, your goal is to present yourself in a way that tends to attract the right kind of person, not every available prospect.

“What I’m Looking For” Section Examples

\nThe sites that allow long taglines don’t always display the entire line in search results. \nThe first purpose of a tagline is to quickly say something about yourself that invites a person to look further. \nIn the world of marketing , the goal is to reach the right customer, not every customer. @CaiusJard If no-one downvoted due to personal objection, nothing on this specific site would ever get downvoted, because that’s the only / main reason why you’d downvote here. Nothing in that link dissuades doing so and the “official” stance on when you’re “allowed” to downvote is fairly easy-going, as long as you’re voting on content and not targeting users. OP also said they didn’t want to upvote, which is not the same as downvoting.

You can modify a few words to make them match your style. OurTime is specifically focused on matching older adults who share similar interests. The site offers a free version, but there are plenty of add-on features users can purchase when opting for a paid membership. You can buy “boosts,” to elevate your profile and increase your visibility on the website among potential matches.


Trying online dating is very exciting and scary at the same time. The encouraging news is many people have found genuine love from online dating sites. Today, there are millions of people looking for love via these sites. Choosing a suitable headline for a dating site is crucial. Clever and catchy headlines for a dating site for females attract guys easily.

Yes, a lot of people go this angle, but that’s because it’s a great angle to go. If you’re worried about originality, be original in the quote you use. Don’t use something super popular unless you want people to know you’re a fan of something. Writing a dating profile is about one thing – effectiveness. I’d love to +1 this, but I strongly object to your suggestion to create a fake woman profile to prove a point. This system is already a messy trust exercise for all parties, I don’t want to encourage more dishonesty just for personal satisfaction.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. At the same time, the Pauls never seem to be far from their next controversy. So if annual contract renewals aren’t breaking the bank, that’s probably the smart play for all involved. Like a lot of people, I’ve been impressed by how quickly and well the elder Paul brother’s taken to pro wrestling. In that respect, it is a no brainer for WWE to re-up him if they can.

Dating Profile Examples for Men

Even when you know which messages to send , finding a relationship on the web can be difficult and unsafe. After all, the people behind many dating profiles don’t want a long-term relationship like you do, but want to catfish you, scam you, behave inappropriately, or score a quick hookup. You’ll probably end up receiving some of the messages on the “avoid at all costs” list, no matter how civil you are.

Whatever you do, DON’T talk about what you want by talking about what you don’t want. This is hands-down the most important section of your dating profile. The About Me section is your time to introduce yourself to other singles and hopefully get them interested enough to send you a message or respond to your message.

I love to go to the movies, drink wine with my girlfriends, volunteer, and go to church. I’m looking to meet a guy who is as excited about getting out of bed in the morning as I am. If that’s you, send me a message and let’s chat. Let’s start off with undoubtedly the toughest dating profile section for people to write – the about me section. This is the section where you are forced to introduce yourself to every other single that’s looking at your profile. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow and then we’re going to get into the examples.

Remember to be yourself and showcase your best qualities to find someone that is right for you! You should use your headline to market yourself to the single ladies on your dating app. Once you match with another member, you can take it further by messaging them in-app or using chat functions like instant messaging or video calls. Most online dating sites function similarly to social media platforms and are just as easy to use.

These are never appropriate no matter where you are, but I have to include this because some bad actors don’t realize this. Don’t tell stories of past relationships that didn’t work, financial struggles, family problems, illnesses, or other tough topics. Save that for after you’ve met in person at least once. Authenticity can seem like a pipe dream when you’re meeting people through a digital app, but being genuine and even showing a little vulnerability can be very charming.